September 3rd, 2018, ICEM Conference

Tutorial - Evolution and Future Trend in Electrical Drives Measurements

The tutorial, authored by Eric Armando, Aldo Boglietti and Radu Bojoi, presents an overview concerning what to measure and how to measure electrical and mechanical quantities in electrical drives. The measurement procedures using power-meters and data-recorders along with sensors for electrical and mechanical quantities, will be discussed in detail. The right use of the measured values for the determination of induction and synchronous motor parameters and the efficiency will be focused with the aims at defining advanced testing methods of AC machines under inverter supply.

The discussed approaches lead to significant reductions of the testing time and the results of the tests allows a completely characterization of the AC machines in terms of efficiency, losses, flux linkage maps, inductance maps, and Maximum Torque Per Ampere (MTPA) and Maximum Torque Per Volt (MTPV) profiles. The tutorial includes testing results for different  Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) machines in both cold and hot conditions.

ICEM 2018 Tutorial 1 Prof. Eric Armando during the presentation ICEM 2018 Tutorial 2 Prof. Radu Bojoi during the presentation

Pubblicato il: 03/09/2018