28th August 2019

ACEMP OPTIM Keynote Lecture

Prof. Gianmario Pellegrino held a keynote lecture al the ACEMP OPTIM 2019 conference about "Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drives: Still a niche Technology?"

27-28 June 2019

Seminar Srdjan Lukic

Dr. Srdjan Lukic will hold two seminars at Politecnico di Torino

17th May 2019

Upcoming ECPE Events

ECPE Workshops in June/July and further upcoming ECPE events.

12th May 2019

IEMDC Tutorial

Prof. Gianmario Pellegrino and Prof. Radu Bojoi presented a tutorial al the IEMDC conference 2019 about "Control of AC Drives: from Theory to Implementation"

2nd May 2019

Seminar Paolo Mattavelli

Prof. Dr. Paolo Mattavelli will hold a seminar at Politecnico di Torino about "Dynamic Interactions in Smart Electronic Power Distribution Systems"

20th February 2019

PEIC@I4C 2019

PEIC Proposing Challenges at Innovation for Change 2019

11th February 2019

Upcoming ECPE Events

ECPE tutorials,workshops and events in 2019

19th December 2018

PEIC Panettone

27th November 2018


A PEIC sponsored seminar about EMC at Politecnico di Torino.