4th August 2022

PhD Position Opening

Variable Flux Permanent Magnet Machines for sustainable traction electrification


Nov 1, 2022 - Oct 30, 2024. A minimum of 12 months of 36 will be spent abroad, in agreement with Volvo Cars


Traction electrification is contributing to price surge and supply shortage of rare-earth permanent magnets (RE-PMs) such as NdFeB alloys. Their replacement with RE-free counterparts is an open challenge for electrical engineers and material scientists. New clean-earth magnets are under development, showing high-energy density but a low coercivity at high operating temperature.
This Volvo Cars sponsored PhD project deals with the design and control of a new type of PM motor for vehicular traction where the clean magnets can be magnetized and demagnetized via controlled current pulses during operation, to avoid unwanted demagnetization and take advantage of the additional degree of freedom of variable magnetization. The research will be developed in the design environment Syr-E , including routines for magnetic and structural FEA simulations besides design equations, optimization, and e-drive control simulation.


Sept 9, 2022. Please review the application guidelines at the webpage


PhD Grant Announcement - Variable Flux 2022 application/pdf (235.99 kB)


gianmario.pellegrino@polito.it, simone.ferrari@polito.it, paolo.pescetto@polito.it

Published on: 04/08/2022