Electrical machines design

The electrical machines design is covered in the Energy Department (DENERG), who has a recognized experience at international level in the design of:

(1) Asynchronous machines (Andrea Cavagnino - andrea.cavagnino@polito.it)

(2) Synchronous machines (Gianmario Pellegrino - gianmario.pellegrino@polito.it, Paolo Guglielmi - paolo.guglielmi@polito.it)

  • Surface Mount PM and Internal PM machines
  • Synchronous Reluctance and PM-assisted Synchronous Reluctance motors with/without rare earth magnets
  • Synchronous reluctance machines

The group uses internally developed software for electrical machines design, FEA software (Magnet, FEMM, Flux2D/Flux3D) for design verification and MotorCAD for thermal analysis. The designed machines cover a power range from 0.5 kW up to 250 kW for different applications (industrial, light traction, home appliances and power generation).

In addition, the group is the developer of SyR-e, an open-source Matlab/Octave code developed to design synchronous reluctance machines with finite element analysis and the aid of multi-objective optimization algorithms. SyR-e is available at https://github.com/SyR-e/syre_public. (contact person: Gianmario Pellegrino)

Further material (presentations...):

2021_LecturePellegrino application/pdf (10.45 MB)