e-Drives Testing

Raw data during testing of back-to-back motors The PEIC has a recognized experience in the eDrives testing using advanced measuring instruments and data recording systems. The data recorders are “all-in-one” instruments able to directly  measure PWM voltages (up to 1 kV), currents, torque, position and temperature and to provide raw data for all tested points. The PEIC uses Genesis data recorders (Gen3I and Gen7t) from HBM GmbH (Germany) and represents the only italian academic partner for HBM.

The eDrives testing outcomes are:

  • eMotor efficiency map;
  • eDrive efficiency map (including the inverter);
  • eMotor flux map to get the Maximum Torque per Ampere (MTPA) and Maximum Torque per Volt (MTPV) profiles for the Machine under Test (MUT). The characterization can be done in cold or hot conditions under controlled thermal conditions. The PEIC characterization method is considered today as a benchmark for the academic world;
  • eMotor torque –speed mapping with an analysis regarding the MUT exploitation (MTPA, MTPV) and real-time visualisation of internal (d,q) quantities without having access at the internal variables of the control algorithm;
  • eMotor testing for characterization of the sensorless operation capability using high-frequency injection.

The PEIC expertise in the testing covers Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) systems. The PEIC experience in this field includes: eDrivesTestingGallery_002 eDrivesTestingGallery_001

  • Testing of power inverters at the end of the production line with virtual load consisted of AC-DC-AC converter connected to the grid;
  • Testing of line-starting synchronous reluctance motors to emulate the mechanical load, including inertia using acceleration sensor;
  • Determination of the quasi-static torque-speed characteristic of induction machines;
  • TEST-eDRIVE: 150 kW pk, 200 Nm nom, 20.000 rpm max. Both converter and machine are liquid cooled and able to operate from 0°C to 90°C.

The contact person for eDrives testing is Eric Armando (eric.armando@polito.it).