Electromagnetic Compatibility

The EMC group has long-standing experience on the analysis and design of integrated circuits and power modules aimed to achieve the compliance to electromagnetic compatibility specifications and standards. Over the years, the group has devoleped circuit solutions, methodologies and design rules to address EMC issues at the early stage of the design.

The group contributes to PEIC with specific competences on:

  • The design of EMI filters and shields.
  • Layout optimization of PCBs and hybrids.
  • Electromagnetic analysis of power modules.
  • Software solution to reduce the electromagnetic emissions of power modules.
  • Analog and mixed signals integrated circuits immune to EMI.
  • Smart power integrated circuits with low emission profile.

EMC1 EMC_expertise_2

The electromagnetic analysis and the related optimization of application boards, cable harnesses and shields are usually carried out with commercial tools like CST Microwave studio. The design of integrated circuits is performed in the Cadence Environment, using commercial design kit (AMS, TSMC, STMicroelectronics) and circuit simulators like Spectre.

Over the years, the group has collaborated with companies like Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics, Johnson Electric.

The contact person is Franco Fiori (franco.fiori@polito.it).