The PEIC objective is to provide power conversion solutions for electric vehicles powertrains and chargers, more electric aircrafts, energy production and harvesting from renewables, smart power converters for electrical grids, more efficient variable speed drives, just to name some strategic applications. We design and control our proposed solutions for all considered applications.

The PEIC has four main innovation actions (click here for videos):

  • Action 1 - Wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductor converters having high power density, efficiency, reliability at a competitive cost and compliant with the EMC constraints
  • Action 2 - 3D integration of power electronics in electromagnetic actuators and electrical machines for better power density in electromechanical power conversion systems
  • Action 3 - Internet of Power (IoP) applied to power converters open to the cloud by means of innovative bidirectional optical transmission
  • Action 4 - Power devices and modules packaging technologies, diagnosis, prognostics and electromagnetic-thermal-mechanical modeling and simulation

Other research topics include:

  • Three-phase and multi-phase electrical machines
  • Reliability of power electronic components and converters and dependability of power conversion systems.
  • Modeling and simulation of electrical energy systems
  • Actuators for automotive
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Systems on Chip (SoC) and integrated circuits for smart power
  • Sensorless control and plug-in control of electrical drives
  • Advanced testing of motor drives
  • Diagnostics and prognostics of electromechanical systems
  • Design of electrical machines and actuators, including mechanical gearbox
  • Model based control
  • Hardware in the loop testing of power electronics and controllers