The Power Electronics Center is a technological hub containing five application-oriented units that are managed by a Steering Committee and a Management Committee, under the supervision of the PEIC Chairman - Radu Bojoi (Department of Energy, PoliTO) and with the support of an Advisory Board.

The Steering Committee (SC) consists of internal academic members and defines the strategic objectives of the center to increase the impact and cooperation with the public and private world for the social-economic development of the territory. 

  • Matteo Sonza Reorda, Vice-Rector for Research, Department of Control and Computer Engineering, PoliTO
  • Massimo Sorli, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, PoliTO
  • Vittorio Curri, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, PoliTO
  • Luciano Scaltrito, Department of Applied Science and Technology, PoliTO

The Management Committee (MC) implements the strategic guidelines defined by the SC, allocates the financial resources used by the units and operates in synergy with the PoliTO departments. The MC is directly coordinated by the Center Chairman and consists of six members:

The Advisory Board (AD) contributes with policies at national and international levels and consists of representatives of external institutions and internal members.