Microelectronics EMC Lab

At the Microelectronics EMC Laboratory (uEMC Lab) we design and characterize integrated circuits, smart power ICs as well as high density power modules capable of working in highly electromagnetic polluted environments, and that generate themselves low level of electromagnetic interference.

EMC1 DPI test setup including an AWG EMC2 Layout view of a test chip EMC3 Near field distribution above a microcontroller EMC4 Micro TEM cell

The lab is equipped with:

  • A manual on-wafer probe station comprising a thermal chuck, micromanipulators, DC and RF probes
  • An RF probe station
  • A semiautomatic wire bonder
  • An fully anechoic chamber
  • Instruments and test fixtures needed to perform conducted and radiated emission tests in accordance with IEC 61967
  • Instruments and test fixtures needed to perform conducted and radiated susceptibility tests in accordance with IEC 62132 and SAE 1752/3
  • A setup to perform Bulk Current Injection tests  in accordance with ISO-11452
  • Bench instruments such as oscilloscopes, waveform/pattern generators and DC power supplies for the characterization of ASICs and electronic modules in general
  • Instruments for the RF and microwave characterization of active and passive components (VNA, RF power amplifier, spectrum analyser, AWG, RF signal generator)

Furthermore, the laboratory relies on a dedicated server equipped with professional tools (Cadence Virtuoso, Spectre, Eldo) for the analysis and the design of ICs as well as those needed to perform electromagnetic analysis (CST Microwave Studio).

The laboratory is located at Politecnico di Torino, Electronics and Telecom Dpt. (DET) (access from Corso Castelfidardo 42).