Analysis of Magnetic Materials for Energy

This activity is performed at Department of Energy (DENERG). Contact person: Prof. Carlo Stefano Ragusa (

This area of research deals with the theoretical and experimental analysis of the present-day landscape of magnetic materials for energy applications: non-oriented Fe-Si and Fe-Co, grain-oriented steel sheets, soft magnetic composites, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys, soft ferrites. Besides the measuring and metrological issues, we have investigated the role of different physical parameters (thickness, resistivity, etc.), of different supply conditions (sinusoidal, triangular, distorted, PWM induction waveshapes) at high frequencies and high inductions, and of 1 & 2-dimensional flux loci in theory and experiment.

The main goal of this encompassing research activity has been one of developing the experimental methods and the theoretical approaches by which a coherent assessment of the behavior of modern magnetic materials is worked out, to the benefit of reliable and efficient design of electrical devices.